Raw Sewage Clean Up

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Fast, prompt response to any sewage spills or sewage overflow is essential due to the considerable health and safety risks and cross-contamination risks associated. Your home and contents may look damaged beyond repair, however, with a prompt and effective Raw Sewage Clean up response, much of your home, and many possessions can be restored.
Sewage is, of course, a major carrier of disease and harmful pathogens, and is especially harmful to small children. In fact, some of the biggest and most devastating epidemics in history have been a direct result of mismanaged sewage systems and waste management.
Raw Sewage clean-ups, if not attended to immediately, can have serious, long-term consequences. A sewage spill or septic tank overflow in your home is a disgusting, and distressing occurrence, not to mention costly and hazardous. Our raw sewage clean up specialists should be called immediately to help minimise loss and the possibility of adjacent and nearby soil or ground water becoming contaminated.
In the unfortunate instance of a sewage back-up or spill, it is of the upmost priority you call us immediately. We recommend you do not attempt to handle the situation on your own due to the pathogens, disease and bio-hazardous nature of the spill.
If a raw sewage spill or septic tank overflow occurs in your home, we advise you adhere to the following recommendations to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of yourself and others, and to minimise the possibility of cross-contamination of other areas:

  • Call our team of trained and experience Raw Sewage Spill Clean up professional and follow our recommendations and procedures
  • Stay away from the contaminated areas
  • Take measures to ensure your eyes and skin do not touch the raw sewage
  • Do not use the sewage or septic system until the works have been competed

Our Raw Sewage Clean-up specialists follow a stringent, and proven process to ensure all Raw Sewage spills are remedied to a clean, biohazard free state.
Our team of Raw Sewage Clean-ups specialists will provide a holistic service, which includes containing the spill area to reduce the risk of contamination of clean areas of raw sewage. They will then extract all liquid waste and remove any structural elements and personal belongings such as flooring, wall sheeting and furniture affected by the raw sewage spill. Our team will then spray and disinfect the area that has been affected by the spill.
Once the area has been completely disinfected, our Raw Sewage Clean-up specialists will neutralise odours with chemicals and specialised equipment to ensure all odours are removed and the affected area is left in a clean and liveable state.