Urine & Faeces Cleanups

Any faecal matter and urine can pose a serious risk of illness if not properly handled due to the considerable infectious nature. The strong odours combine with the disturbing visual makes the cleaning and remediation of a room or premises a daunting and difficult task. Although the visual traces of faecal matter or urine can be cleaned up with relative ease, significant dangers and health risks arise from the matter which cannot be seen or easily accessed.

Faeces, urine & blood contamination cleaning services

Urine and faeces are considered biohazards, which may carry diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. In an incident involving urine or faecal matter, if left unattended, these biohazards can seep into the surrounding areas and into porous materials including flooring, wall coverings and structural elements.
If you, a family member or friend are faced with the disturbing and difficult clean up and disposal of faecal matter, urine or blood, we have professional technicians available to ensure the risk of cross-contamination is limited. Our team of trained Faecal and urine clean up technicians is on hand to answer your questions and to properly assists in a successful and prompt remediation of your home or business.
If your home of business is affected by contamination of faecal or urine matter, please contact our team of trained professionals so we can assist with complete discretion.

Cat, dog, bird, rodent & human urine & faeces cleaning | professional & discreet

Our team are trained and qualified to assist with faecal and urine clean Up. Experienced in cleanup up animal, bird, rodent & human waste including faecal matter, urine, blood and other biological contamination. We will complete a thorough clean and decontamination of all affected areas and remove all bio-hazardous materials. Our technicians will then disinfect and sanitise the affected area and remove odour and stains where possible.

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Sewage Cleaning Australia are a nationwide sewage, biological & forensic cleaning service provider. As national leaders we are able to promptly service all city and most regional areas. These locations include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Central Coast, Canberra, Bunbury to name a few. For more information on the locations we service and to further discuss your urine or faeces cleanup requirements, contact us today on 1300 246 429.

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