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Contact your local sewage clean-up technicians | 0491 040 809. We are sewage leak clean up specialists based in Brisbane Queensland. If your house, unit or rental property is affected by a sewage leak, contact Sewage Cleaning Brisbane today and have your sewage leak cleaned up by IICRC trained and certified sewage clean up technicians.



We are a local Queensland emergency damage restoration company whose first concern is helping our clients deal with flood, mould, sewage and fire damage remediation. We are proud to be Queensland’s #1 providers of all water extraction, fire restoration, mould damage remediation, flood damage restoration and emergency remediation services. We utilise the latest, state of the art restoration technology to ensure each and every clean up job in Brisbane is completed to the up-most standards, is free from any bio-hazard and safe for re-habitation.
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From the first call, disaster clean-up, flood clean-up, mould removal, sewage clean-up, and repairs, you will be impressed with our expediency, honesty, and quality. We understand that nobody wants his or her home or office to have a flood, mould, or sewage problem. Because of our insight, we make sure that we are respectful of all the properties we are working on.


Spillages from drains and sewage can spread fast if left unattended, which is why it is essential that any kind of sewage spill is treated as a hazard and Sewage Clean Up occurs quickly and effectively. As experienced sewage clean up experts, we understand the difficulties of cleaning hazardous sewage spills. We ensure all of our sewage clean up technicians are fully trained in the potential risks and hazards associated with sewage spills.
Our Brisbane based sewage clean up technicians follow a stringent process to ensure a successful remediation of the affected property each and every time. We utilise air scrubbers to remove odours and harmful gasses from the air and will remove any damaged or affected porous material such as floor coverings, wall lining, furniture and personal items. All remaining structural elements are cleaned thoroughly with anti-microbial agents and if necessary, sealed to ensure total sanitation.

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Burst Sewage Pipe Cleanup & Decontamination
Fire Damage Restoration on the outside of a House

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Our Raw Sewage Clean-up specialists service all areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Ipswich and regional Queensland. Following a stringent, and proven process we can ensure all Raw Sewage spills are remedied to a clean, biohazard free state. Our team of Raw Sewage Clean-ups specialists will provide a holistic service, which includes containing the spill area to reduce the risk of contamination of clean areas of raw sewage.
Our leading edge technology limits our technicians and all of our customers’ exposure to pathogens and bacteria, which can be found in grey water spills. All of our trained technicians are experienced in Grey Water Leak Clean Ups in Queensland and follow strict standards set to provide the safe and successful of all pathogenic diseases and bacteria associated with grey water leaks.
Prompt action prevents the replacement of carpet and structural damage caused by Flood Waters, saving you time, money and heartache. Our Flood Water Damage cleaning experts in Queensland are qualified to remediate your property and perform a number of critical and necessary steps to ensure the remediation process is a success.
Whether you’re a homeowner or property manager, the well-being of your family and tenants is paramount. Our trusted and experienced team of Mound Removal remediation experts in Queensland can assist in protecting you property from persistent and detrimental mould infection and associated odour.
The damage caused by a Burst Water Pipe is something that can be devastating to a property and is often referred to as escape of water. By calling our team of Burst Water Pipe remediation experts in Queensland, you can ensure that your escape of water issues are rectified so that normal business or living can be resumed as quickly as possible
If you are affected by flood or water damage in your home in Queensland, or escape of water from plumbing installations, and need urgent or emergency advice on cleaning up after a flood, contact us to ensure the remediation process is handled promptly, efficiently and effectively.
Smoke odour can be difficult to remove due to its ability to penetrate and absorb into almost all surfaces in the affected premises. We have experienced Fire Damage Restoration experts across Queensland who have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to permanently remove the most stubborn, and hidden odours.
If you, a family member or friend are faced with the disturbing and difficult clean up and disposal of faecal matter or urine, a professional technician should be contacted immediately to ensure the risk of cross-contamination is limited. Our Queensland biohazard-trained professionals are experienced in dealing with faecal and urine conditions and will clean biohazards effectively and promptly with complete discretion.