Flood Water Damage

When Flood Water Damage occurs, call our friendly and experience team to organise your Flood Water Damage restoration and get your property back in order, and habitable quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Flood water damage to your home or work premises must be cleaned up and dealt with as a priority. Any type of flood water damage in your home is unexpected and unfortunate, be it backed up water drains, water over flow or rain water flooding. To prevent you property from suffering unwarranted Flood Water Damage to you floors, walls, structural elements of the property, and the possibility of bacteria, mould and odour, its it imperative you organise the Flood Water Damage cleaning and restoration services quickly.
Leaving the affected home and carpet to dry on its own creates a huge biohazard risk and can end up costing you well above the recommended costs and can cause serious and long term building and health issues. Prompt action prevents the replacement of carpet and structural damage caused by Flood Waters, saving you time, money and heartache.
Our Flood Water Damage cleaning experts are qualified to remediate your property and perform a number of critical and necessary steps to ensure the remediation process is a success.
Our team performs a thorough inspection of the contaminated areas and will relocate any undamaged belongings, and safely dispose of any non-restorable furnishings and materials. The team will stabilise the growth of mould, mildew and microbiobial spores to prevent future growth. We will activate blowers, dehumidifiers and other specialised equipment to restore and dry Flood Water Damaged areas and to ensure excess moisture from the flooring and walling is evaporated.
The primary responsibilities of our Flood Water Damage technicians are:

  • To prevent personal injury
  • To prevent further damage
  • Determining the source of the water damage
  • Speed up the time of the remediation process
  • Eliminate harmful contamination; and
  • To restore the property to the pre-flood water damage condition
Flood Water Damage Restoration
Flood Water Damage Restoration