Fire Damage Restoration

Rebuilding your home, and allowing you to get on with your life is our goal. If you’ve found yourself in this unfortunate situation, don’t hesitate; call our friendly and experienced team of Fire Damage Restoration specialists 24/7 to get the best possible Fire Damage Restoration experience.

Fire Damage Clean Up Company

It is hard to imagine a situation more traumatising and unwanted than a fire in your home. Even a small fire can cause extensive damage and impact on your family’s sense of security. Our Fire Damage Restoration emergency response team are knowledgeable and sympathetic to your situation and should be the first step towards putting your life back together. Securing your home to prevent further damage or deterioration is our number one priority. An inventory of your home will be prepared and your belongings, if salvageable, will be carefully removed to a controlled environment.
Our tried and tested restoration methods mean we are able to save many building components and valuable personal items. Even if the damage looks severe, items can often be remediated to the pre-damage condition. From furniture to appliances, computers and even family heirlooms, our team of Fire Damage Restoration specialists have developed methods to successfully remediate your personal belongings, saving you from more heartache in this unfortunate event.
If you have had a fire in your home or premises, it is vitally important the fire damage restoration process begins as soon as possible. By using state of the art cleaning processes and equipment, we will work promptly and effectively to ensure your home, office, building and personal contents are restored back to their pre-damaged condition.
Smoke and fire damage is dependent on several factors which all impact on the fire damage restoration process. The temperature of the fire and smoke movement determines what damage occurs, and predominately where the most damage occurs. Smoke can penetrate the smallest areas; so it is common in fire and smoke damaged houses are areas that weren’t affected first hand by the fire.
It is critical to ensure the fire damage restoration begins as soon as possible. As smoke is acidic, moisture and humidity are a catalyst to the corrosive dilapidation of finishes and fixtures in the premises.

It is especially important that you do not attempt to clean or restore damaged wood, walls, carpets, draperies, clothing, furniture, or electrical appliances without first contacting a professional restorer. Improper cleaning can result in permanent discoloration and damage.
Smoke odour can be difficult to remove due to its ability to penetrate and absorb into almost all surfaces in the affected premises. We have experienced Fire Damage Restoration experts who have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to permanently remove the most stubborn, and hidden odours.