Water from sewer system backups should be considered very dangerous. The water is exceptionally unsanitary and will almost constantly contain bacteria and viruses that could cause serious illness. Sewage Cleaning Remediation Technicians with special training and equipment are necessary to safely clean this type of biological contamination. If your home is contaminated by a sewage back up or overflow, Sewage Cleaning Australia will make every effort to assist with the sewage contamination damage restoration with highly specialised and knowledgeable remediation technicians to safely restore your home or business.


What causes Contamination Sewage Flooding?

Sewers are designed to take sewage from properties and in most cases surface water that runs off roads, Sewage Property Contaminationfootpaths and paved areas. While our sewer system can cope with day-to-day volumes, exceptional weather can overwhelm it and cause flooding. A sewer collapse, pumping station failure, or blockage caused by root growth or sanitary items being flushed down the toilet can also result in Sewage overflows.

However, most sewage contamination incidents from public sewers are the result of heavy rainfall, flooding from highways, rivers and other watercourses, insufficient land drainage, surcharge from private sewers and drains, and blockages caused by misuse of the sewers.


Sewage Contamination Health and Safety Advice

If you continue normal hygiene precautions and follow these instructions, your health is unlikely to be at risk. If your property is flooded with sewage:

  • Contact Sewage Cleaning Australia immediately for an obligation-free quote and let us fix your sewage and water damage, no matter how big or small the problem.
  • Avoid contact with the sewage
  • Protect cuts and grazes with waterproof dressings and wear protective clothing
  • Wash your hands after any contact with the sewage and disinfect footwear
  • Don’t eat any fruit or vegetables growing in the garden if it’s flooded – crops shouldn’t be planted for at least six months after sewer flooding. In the
  • following six months, crops may be planted provided they’re not harvested within 12 months of the sewage overflow or sewage contamination.
  • If you swallow anything contaminated by sewage, or if you suffer vomiting or diarrhoea, you should contact a doctor immediately.


Why Trust Sewage Cleaning Australia with your Sewage Contamination Remediation Needs

Our contractors operate an emergency service and work with most major insurance providers who cover this service. In addition to sewage contamination remediation, our expert and internationally trained IICRC Water Damage Remediation Technicians will assist further by;

  • Identify safety hazards
  • Identify hidden water damage
  • Write a damage report for your insurance claim or offer advice if you’re not insured


Sewage Cleaning Australia | The Nations Leader in all Sewage Contamination and Water Damage Remediation Professions

We have emergency plans in place to meet the needs of any situation. Our technicians are trained experts in their specialised fields and provide a service of not only managing and restoring the environment to pre loss condition but providing extensive knowledge and information to all clients about the situation.

We understand the seriousness and potentially hazardous natures of sewage and water spills and have a working relationship with many of the major insurance companies.

Our team of trained, experienced and professional experts understand and adhere to our stringent and tested procedures, maintaining that the main objective of any restoration job is to minimise damage by providing prompt, thorough action. Observing our methodology ensures the property is remediated and any contents are as close to their pre-existing condition as possible.