There may be no event more alarming for a homeowner than coming home to find out their home needs sewage cleanup. At that moment, Sewage Cleaning Australia can put your mind at rest. We can quickly return your home to a fully cleaned and habitable condition that is safe for you and especially for any particularly vulnerable members of your household such as children or the elderly.

When sewage has entered your home due to a flood, severe rainstorm, clogged pipes or broken sewer lines, it must be cleaned up before contaminants can begin to grow on your home’s surfaces. Every bit of water and waste must be removed thoroughly and then decontamination must start. It’s essential that the technicians working on your sewage clean up be certified to follow the standards of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This is the organisation that has determined the safety standards for a job as critical as sewage cleanup. The IICRC emphasizes:

  • Homeowners are advised to only utilize properly trained and certified sewage remediation services
  • It is not safe to remain in any building that has been contaminated with sewage unless the contaminated area has been fully sealed off and the air into and out of the contaminated area is fully controlled
  • Personnel decontaminating sewage exposures must be properly vaccinated due to the quantity of disease-causing viruses, bacteria and fungi normally present in sewage
  • Any absorbent materials that can’t be thoroughly washed in hot water must be disposed of in such a way to prevent contact with other parts of the property or the community


Leaving Sewage Cleanup to Professionals

Sewage Cleaners Australia can help you get your life and your home back to normal. We are expertly trained to understand the dangers of the pathogens in sewage and we will treat your home as though it were our own. We’ll arrive when you need us, regardless of whether it’s a public holiday or weekend.

The team at Sewage Cleaning Australia want the same thing you do; your family back in your sanitary and habitable home as soon as possible.

If you have the misfortune to experience a sewage infiltration of your home, call us immediately for a prompt, reliable and discreet sewage remediation clean up service.