Water damage happens for a variety of reasons including flooding, broken pipes, sewage backup, blockage or septic system failure. Water damage can be catastrophic to a home. Often it’s a flooded basement where water has been standing for days. Water damage requires a professional cleanup company. Sewage Cleaning Australia has certified technicians ready for water cleanup services. We are equipped to handle small instances such as broken pipes or large flooding cases where damage is across an entire home or building.

burst water pipe damage clean up

A broken water pipe and the water damage clean up that it causes is the nightmare of every homeowner. Even a broken sink pipe with a small amount of water can do significant damage in a short period of time.

Our Water Damage Remediation process includes a few crucial steps:

  • Removal of all water in home.
  • Drying out of all water damaged structure in home.
  • Sanitizing of all affected areas of home.
  • Restoration of home which can include removal of any damaged drywall, carpeting, etc.


When it comes to Water Damage Clean Up Time is of the Essence

You are required by your insurance company to help reduce damages. In a water damage situation, prompt action lessens the cost. It is advantageous to begin the drying process within 24 hours to prevent the growth of mould and other contaminates. If you wait too long, mould may begin to grow and, unfortunately, most insurance companies no longer cover mould removal. Those that do cover it usually offer a very low level of coverage, rarely enough to cover the cost of its removal. Prompt actions by experienced restorers can make a difference in mitigating structural damage to property.


Health Dangers Associated with a Sewage Spill

Experiencing a sewage backup, blockage or septic system failure can easily be one of the most disgusting and inconvenient issues a property owner will have to deal with. Unfortunately, it does happen and someone has to deal with the cleanup. The difference of cleaning up a sewage issue properly and improperly can cost people their health; human waste is hazardous waste, it can carry diseases, cause a variety of illnesses and needs to be dealt with as a biohazard. Our certified water damage cleanup professionals are experienced in dealing with tough situations and can effectively decontaminate, sanitise and deodorise the area, so it is fully restored to a safe and functional area once again.


Categories of Water Damage

There are 3 categories of water damage that you should be aware of:

Category 1 Water from a clean and sanitary source (faucet, drinking fountain, etc.).

Category 2 Water having a level of contaminates (grey water) that can potentially cause illness/harm if ingested (dishwasher/washing machine overflows, etc.).

Category 3 Worst category and definitely unsanitary. Can cause illness or death if ingested (toilet overflow, sewer backup, stream/river water, stagnant water/liquid).


Sewage Cleaning Australia Water Damage Remediation Professionals

Sewage Cleaning Australia technicians are experts in:

  • Water damage
  • Flood damage
  • Structural drying
  • Sewage damage

Our water damage remediation team consists of only experienced and fully trained technicians. From basement to roof we can solve your water damage problems.