When water damage occurs in your home, it is important the category and class is determined to ensure a safe and comprehensive clean up occurs.


Category 1 is Clean Water. A Category 1 Sewage Spill will not pose a threat and does not contain pathogens or bacteria and is not caused by any sort of sewage overflow. Typically, a Category 1 Water Spill will occur from appliances leaking or malfunctioning or a bathtub or sink overflow. Although not considered sewage, clean water can become hazardous if left in contact with hygroscopic surfaces.

Category 2 is Grey Water. If you water damaged is caused by toilet overflows or dirty washing water, it is considered a Category 2 Sewage Spill. Grey water contains bacteria and microorganisms which can be harmful if ingested or in contact with skin. If is important that a Category 2 Sewage Leak be cleaned up as quickly and effectively as possible to ensure cross-contamination and further damage does not occur.

Category 3 is Black Water. Black water is the most harmful water spillage and grossly unsanitary. The water will be visibly dirty and will contain harmful parasites, bacteria and fungi that are harmful to humans and pets. It should be noted that if a Category 2 Water Spill is left unmediated for a period of time, it will them be re-classified as a Category 3 Sewage Spill and be treated accordingly. It is highly recommended a professional water damage remediation expert be contacted to ensure the property is restored to a safe and habitable environment for all habitants.


Along with the category of water spill, the class of water damage and water loss must also be determined. The class is determined by the rate of evaporation that is judged on which materials and furnishings have been affected in your home.

Class 1 – The first class will be decided if the loss of water and moisture is minor and there is a slow evaporation rate.

Class 2 – The second class will be selected if the rate of evaporation is fast and the majority of the affected room is soaked heavily with water and moisture.

Class 3 is determined when the rate of evaporation is rapid and the entire room including walls, ceilings and furnishes are soaked.

Class 4 – The forth class is selected when areas such as crawl spaces, attics, concrete and hardwood are affected.


Our Sewage Contamination Clean up technicians follow a stringent process to ensure a successful remediation of the affected property each and every time. We utilise air scrubbers to remove odours and harmful gasses from the air and will remove any damaged or affected porous material such as floor coverings, wall lining, furniture and personal items. All remaining structural elements are cleaned thoroughly with anti-microbial agents and if necessary, sealed to ensure total sanitation.

Our trained Sewage Contamination Clean up technicians handles all contaminated materials with special care while wearing appropriate personal protective equipment to prevent cross-contamination to unaffected areas. Contact us for an obligation free chat to see how we can help remediate and restore your water damaged property.