mould removal and remediation sewage cleaning australia

By following stringent procedures, our team of mould removal experts can ensure the safety of our non-toxic, non-allergenic products and provide ongoing protection to help prevent re-infection of the affected areas

Your home can become infested with mould in a number of different ways. Mould, commonly caused by the introduction of a water source such as a plumbing leak, sewage problem, roofing issue, etc. can spread throughout your home in a matter of days. Once inside your home, mould produces various allergens and irritants that can greatly affect your health and well-being.

If you suspect there may be a mould issue in your home, Sewage Cleaning Australia will be happy to inspect and assess your home. If mould is discovered in your home, our trained and experienced team will come up with a game plan for remediation. Every mould damage problem is different and will require a unique solution, though our general mould remediation process is consistent and effective.


 Brisbane Mould Remediation includes several Crucial Steps

  • Mould inspection and assessment of damage.
  • Containment of mould followed by our air filtration process.
  • Removal and remediation of all mould and materials contaminated with mould.
  • Cleaning of all personal items, where possible, contaminated from mould damage.
  • For mould clean up, remediation, and restoration, Sewage Cleaning Australia follows Australian and IICRC regulations and our OSHA approved procedures offer a one-stop solution, including analytical post-sampling.


Brisbane Mould Remediation

Mould spores are a part of life and will always exist just about everywhere, especially with the often wet climate we inhabit here in Brisbane and Queensland. Because of this, it is impossible to remove 100% of mould from a home. Be careful of the restoration companies out there that guarantee to “remove all mould” from your home. Sewage Cleaning Australia prefers the term “mould remediation.”


Sewage Cleaning Australia is an experienced mould remediation company that has a remarkable grasp of the science behind mould and mould remediation in Brisbane. We focus our services on restoring your home to the point where mould levels are back to natural, healthy, and safe levels.