Floods are the most common and most expensive natural disaster in the Australia

Floods are the most common and most expensive natural disaster in the Australia

When we hear about home security, we tend to think about burglaries and home invasions. However, there are more things that can happen to jeopardise our home safety. Flooding can strike anywhere and as the name “flash flooding” implies, at any time. Floods are the most common and most expensive natural disaster in the Australia and no state or territory is safe. Ignore the risk and you could be sloshing around smelly and soaked carpeting, furniture, walls, appliances, lighting, and ruined electronics and keepsakes. Mould soon follows. You’ll find yourself ripping out walls to reach soaked insulation, tearing up flooring and replacing anything electrical.

There are several things you can do around your house to minimise the risk of experiencing flood water damage in your home, including getting flood alerts sent directly to your smartphone or tablet.


Why does it storm so much in the Summer

Thunderstorms spark off during times of high humidity, and rising warm air. These apply during Summer, as you would most likely get warm air coupled with high humidity in Summer, not as much as Winter. The high humidity, with rising warm air can easily spark off a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms form when moisture and warm air combine and rapidly rise through the atmosphere. This rapid movement generates electricity through a charge separation and creates lightning, while the ascending moist air freezes in higher altitudes to fall to the earth as rain. Summer thunderstorms are notorious for raining buckets of water in a fast and furious manner, and homeowners need to all the help they can get to prepare for and minimise the risk of water damage in their homes.

5 Tips to Prevent Flooding in your Home

Immediately fix leaks

A leaky roof or cracked foundations are an invitation for water, and if water gets in your home, it not only can wreak havoc to the structure, but it will be a perfect atmosphere for mould damage to occur. If there are wet spots on your ceiling, or cracks in your foundation, repair the area immediately. Keeping up with maintenance will be your greatest strategy to prevent flooding in your house.

Routinely Clean Gutters and Drains

In order for gutters and down pipes to perform as intended, some periodic maintenance is required. Rain gutters must be cleared from debris at least twice each year to ensure water can flow freely to the down spouts. Additionally, the gutters should be periodically checked for integrity. If they leak at all, over time the errant water will slowly do damage to the exterior of your house and eventually find its way inside.

Install French Drains

French drains provide an easy channel for water to flow through

French drains provide an easy channel for water to flow through

Water always flows downhill, and by the easiest route possible. That’s the basic concept behind a French drain, a slightly sloped trench filled with round gravel and a pipe that diverts water away from your house. French drains provide an easy channel for water to flow through. Water travels freely through the pipe, which empties a safe distance from the house.

Stay on top of the Sewage Situation

If you are not one to DIY, enlist the help of a plumber to install check valves, also called backwater valves, for the sewer or septic line. These special valves force the flow of waste in one direction to prevent water or sewage back-ups. Additionally, ensure your wastewater tanks, septic system tanks and grease traps are cleaned and maintained regularly.

Consider Extra Roof Protection

Even though it will set you back an extra few hundred dollars or so, upgrading the protection of your roof will do wonders to prevent flood damage in your home. The installation of a rubber roof underlay will serve as a waterproof barrier under the shingles and will protect against water sneaking through the roof.

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