Flood-Water-Damage-Sewage-CleanersFlooding and Sewage Back Ups can wreak havoc on Brisbane business and homeowners with the summer months generally the most common time for these unfortunate events to occur. Flood water damage to your home or work premises must be cleaned up and dealt with as a priority. Any type of flood water damage in your home is unexpected and unfortunate, be it backed up water drains, water over flow or rain water flooding. To prevent you property from suffering unwarranted Flood Water Damage to you floors, walls, structural elements of the property, and the possibility of bacteria, mould and odour, its it imperative you organise the Flood Water Damage cleaning and restoration services quickly.

Sewage Cleaning Australia has formulated an easy-to-follow guideline for all Brisbane residents, homeowners and business owners providing advise on what to do in a flooding or sewage back up emergency.

  1. Follow Flood Alerts

Websites such as www.qldalert.com and www.bom.gov.au provides real-time and up-to-date emergency information for Brisbane residents, specifically for those properties that may be affected by creek flooding or water in certain suburbs

  1. Create a Flood Kit

You flood kit should include a torch, warm or spare clothing and blankets, a first aid kit including any prescribed medications or prescriptions, bottled water and non-perishable food. Sewage Cleaning Australia also recommends you keep a copy of your insurance documents in your flood kit.

  1. Take Extra Care

We’ve all heard the ads, ‘If it’s flooded, forget it’, which should always be adhered to. Just 6 inches of fast-flowing water has enough energy to knock an adult off their feet and as little as 30cm can sweep a vehicle away. Do not enter floodwater unless it is an absolute emergency. If you become stranded, do not attempt to wade through flood water. Instead, call emergency services to await rescue and/or evacuation.

  1. Find a High Place

If you are caught outside when flooding threatens or is imminent, find the highest possible ground to wait out the flood. If you’re inside, move any essential items either upstairs or to higher points, including you flood kit.

  1. Turn Off the Gas, Electricity and Water Supplies

If you property if threatened with flooding, turn off the supplies. Do not touch, move or turn off any electrical items if water has already entered your property



  1. Only enter your property when the emergency services have confirmed that it is safe to do so
  2. Be careful – if there is still water present it can hide dangers such as structural damage, debris and contaminated waste
  3. Take photos of any damage and contact you insurance company
  4. Call Sewage Cleaning Australia


Sewage Cleaning Australia is Brisbane’s leading sewage and water damage remediation company, building our stellar reputation on providing exemplary customer service and job specific restoration regimens. Our skilled drain and sewage remediation technicians operate state-wide and carry-out essential drain and sewage spill cleanup services 24 hours a day.

If you have a blocked or overflowing drain, toilet leak, backed up drain, mould issues, fire damage or flood water damage, regardless of the time of day or location, we will provide superior service quickly and effectively to ensure our clients get back to their lives as pain free as possible.