When fire damages your property, the situation that results is often heartbreaking and overwhelming to deal with. The main causes of a house fire can range from food left unattended on the stove, candles, burdened electrical connections, cigarettes or cigars or lighting and appliance malfunctions. From the moment a fire starts to the point where the structure is fully engulfed is usually less than two minutes, which is why it is so important for occupants to get out of the home as quickly as possible and not try to put out a large fire themselves. One of the most common misconceptions about house fires is that the emergency services will provide a fire damage restoration service. Unfortunately this is not the case. You’re bound to have damage from fire, smoke, and water from the fire-fighter’s efforts. For all of this, you need to undergo a restoration process with a reputable fire restoration company. Here are the five tips you need to begin the restoration process after the fire occurs.


Get Permission to Re-Enter Your Property


Our team of Fire Damage Restoration specialists have developed methods to successfully remediate your personal belongings, saving you from more heartache in this unfortunate event

If you’ve recently had a fire on your property, chances are you’re in touch with the fire department and local police. It is imperative that you do not under any circumstances re-enter the affected area without first consulting with the fire department or police to see if it’s safe. What’s left behind after the fire department leaves could have chemicals, soot, and dirty water that is harmful to humans. Once you’re able to go back inside, you should take note of the damage that the fire caused and assess which areas need a fire restoration service.


Call Fire Restoration Technicians Immediately

When a fire occurs, you need a fire restoration company immediately to help you clean your house before the damage becomes permanent. Metals in your house will begin to corrode and carpet may change in colour permanently if you don’t do this in time. Glass in the affected area will have scratches all over it, and if gone unchecked long enough, the walls will become permanently discoloured. If you want to protect the investment that you have in your house after a fire, you need to let professionals fire restoration remediation technicians handle the restoration.


Leave the Property Alone

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is going in and trying to clean up after a fire themselves. Fire restoration technicians are specifically trained to remove the remnants of smoke and soot from your house that can corrode the foundation of your property and any unaffected structural elements of the home as well as furnishings, carpets and household items. Professional fire remediation technicians are certified to deal with the extensive damage and will use job-specific chemicals to remediate. Wait for them to arrive before you do any cleaning. From there, let them know all of the affected areas so they can get your property restored properly as efficiently as possible.


Always Get a Fire Restoration Service after a House Fire

You might think that the damage from a fire is not a big deal, but what lurks behind can do serious harm to your body. Don’t risk getting sick and hire professional fire remediation technicians to clean up after you. This way, you can make your house a home again as quickly as possible. Make sure you follow these steps so that the process goes off without a hitch.


Why Choose Sewage Cleaning Australia to complete your Fire Damage Restoration

Smoke and fire damage is dependent on several factors which all impact on the fire damage restoration process. The temperature of the fire and smoke movement determines what damage occurs, and predominately where the most damage occurs. Smoke can penetrate the smallest areas; so it is common in fire and smoke damaged houses are areas that weren’t affected first hand by the fire. It is critical to ensure the fire damage restoration begins as soon as possible. As smoke is acidic, moisture and humidity are a catalyst to the corrosive dilapidation of finishes and fixtures in the premises. It is hard to imagine a situation more traumatising and unwanted than a fire in your home. Even a small fire can cause extensive damage and impact on your family’s sense of security. Our Fire Damage Restoration emergency response team are knowledgeable and sympathetic to your situation and should be the first step towards putting your life back together. Securing your home to prevent further damage or deterioration is our number one priority. Sewage Cleaning Australia’s tried and tested fire restoration methods mean we are able to save many building components and valuable personal items. Even if the damage looks severe, items can often be remediated to the pre-damage condition. From furniture to appliances, computers and even family heirlooms, our team of Fire Damage Restoration specialists have developed methods to successfully remediate your personal belongings, saving you from more heartache in this unfortunate event.