burst water pipe damage remediation

A burst water pipe has flooded Moggill Rd in Indooroopilly with estimates of up to 5 hours to remediate the damage

Repairs to a burst water main on Moggil Rd could take up to five hours, according to Queensland Urban Utilities.

QUU spokeswoman Michelle Cull said the burst main on the footpath outside the Moggill Rd roundabout was reported at 7.20am

“The water on the road subsided quickly after our crews arrived and turned the water off,” she said.

“Repairs are underway and are expected to take up to five hours.”

“No properties are without water and traffic control is on site,” Ms Cull said.

Urban Utilities is also fixing a leak on 392 Moggill Rd, Indooroopilly.


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Burst Water Pipe Damage and Remediation

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